Chary's olde roleplaying place

You're here! You should have a cookie ;)

Hello and loads of welcome to all ;)

If for some inexplicable reason you're here (read: You found this place by editing through me linking a picture) please disregard everything you see
This place is _old. really old. And I can't be bothered to update atm.

If you're here, you've most likely been redirected by me, so congrats, you completed the first step to having a roleplay with moi ;).

If you weren't redirected, I'd like to congratulate you on finding this place out of nowhere o0.


Just navigate your way through the page and see if you find it interesting ;).



If you're reading this, you deserve a cookie for sticking around, but you're adviced to move on ;).

Oh.. you're having problems finding your way? The nav. bar is on top,  not on the side ;).

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